Areas of Expertise

Marital & Couples Therapy

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and trained Gottman's Method couples therapist, in which evidenced and researched based tools are used to help you re-establish trust, commitment, friendship and intimacy within your relationship. In addition, I am a Master's Level Certified Addiction Professional with vast experience treating substance abuse issues. I focus my practice solely on helping couples, some of whom have had trouble dealing with issues of substance abuse, infidelity, difficulty conceiving children and health issues. I believe in providing a safe and confidential space that is free of judgement and bias. I will meet you where you are and will walk side by side with you on your journey towards change. I strongly believe in Socrates' words, "The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

Pre-marital Counseling

One of the most common pitfalls that couples encounter is communicating with one another. As part of my expertise, I find joy in helping couples practice healthy communication skills prior to becoming married. There are many benefits to discussing major issues that are bound to arise throughout the course of a marriage BEFORE you actually become married. With this help, you will be much better prepared for a life-long journey with your partner. Common topics discussed include communication, finances, fertility and parenthood, and overcoming differences of opinions. As a practicing spiritual therapist, I also utilize a religious and spiritual perspective for those couples seeking this approach.


Addiction is a family disease, affecting many people outside of the addict or alcoholic themselves. The disease of addiction can be a devastating and emotionally charged journey and I am here to help you uncover your forgotten strengths, resiliency and resources. My approach helps clients not only cope, but also transform their lives beyond the plight of addiction. I have experience helping not only the addict or alcoholic, but also the family, loved ones and support systems whom are also struggling with their own difficulties resulting from this disease. My expertise stems from the intertwining of my professional career and personal life. I have worked as a licensed therapist and Clinical Director of several substance abuse facilities, serving adults and their families whom are struggling with chemical dependency. I also have loved ones within my family whom have struggled with the disease of addiction. I have personally seen the devastating effects that addiction can cause, as well as the beautiful things that sobriety and recovery can bring.

My Approach

I believe in a solution-focused and experiential approach, in which deeper, more profound work can have an eternally lasting effect on your new life. My belief and approach is that it takes time, patience and empathy to help promote change. I hope you can allow me to be a part of your change process. 

I believe in meeting you where you are in the moment, and from there helping you navigate your journey to recover your hidden strengths, talents and resources for overcoming your obstacles. I believe in the power of finding solutions and building the future with the tools already inherent within you. Why reinvent the wheel if perfectly usable solutions already exist?


My approach combines a combination of varying inspirations and core beliefs. My emphasis is a solution-focused brief therapy approach; however, I find it useful and effective to incorporate techniques from CBT and inner child work. Most importantly, I will meet you on your level and will provide a positive, yet powerful, space to help you achieve your goals. 

*Telehealth option available during COVID-19 pandemic.

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